Up to now all my artwork was out of clay. Grown up at the age of plastic material, I felt challenged to redefine the archaic material clay. Therefore I combine both, plastics as well as natural materials. Objects of everyday life - industrial waste such as plastic bowls, polystyrene pieces or broken bricks - are transformed by moulding and copying - symbolically given back to earth .
Plastic meets nature, mass production meets design, positive meets negative. In the process I make use of various techniques of firing: Raku, which gives rough and colourful surfaces, pitfiring, which leaves behind traces of fire and smoke, and biscuit firing to keep the earth colours. Working with ceramics in many different ways, also by using sound and light, by painting it with acrylic colours, I decided to engage questions concerning the reality of bodies.

For some time now the work with humour and language gives me a new field of work. Projects as Invers, Hand Portraits, Lachsalon, CDUnterwäsche were created in coorporation with other artists and their different ways of expression. These consist of personal experience or ways of seeing things in a special way. The words extend the fate of the subject - only the recipient transforms the ideas of the artists to a work of art.